We support the applicant structures in the quest for resilience relating to the fight against insecurity and administrative management through training and advice related to their sectors of activity.

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We make an inventory of the level of security relative to the functioning of the services.

Response & Prevention Strategies

We propose mechanisms of response and prevention against insecurity.

Capacity Building

We offer a strategy for building the capacity of actors in terms of management and planning.

Advisory Council on Governance and Security

Preventive security - Audit and follow-up security assessment and organizational management
Safe management of natural and legal persons and their property - Training.

Experienced and enthusiastic

We contribute to the organization of the security services in order to avoid the dispersion of forces and the increase in the costs of security productions, which are very often controversial.

Efficient administrations

We have the technical means to diagnose the root causes of poor results and propose resilience mechanisms for efficient administration.

Direct and indirect action structure

Our structure is multidisciplinary. It has a competent staff to train public and private security actors as well as those of public and private administrations.

Happy customers

We regularly conduct a satisfaction survey to collect criticism and suggestions from our customers.