Advisory Council on Governance and Security

Like the countries of the sub-region region, Burkina Faso is experiencing a phenomenon of growing insecurity. People engage in development activities and this in a hostile climate, characterized by:
- Armed attacks
- Avid assassinations
- Failure to comply with the rules of the road
- Terrorist threats
- Improper events
Ultimately, almost all of the sectors of activity feels a sense of insecurity that requires an adequate response with concrete actions for Orthodox governance.

Component n ° 1: survey on the safe degree of the field concerned

AXIS I: State of play of the safe level for the operation of services - Identify and meet officials first involved or involved
- Determine the target groups, i.e. the different bodies of professions
- Conduct investigations to collect the views of the populations on the security needs
- To evaluate the capacity of response of stakeholders in terms of personnel and logistics
AXIS II proposal for response and prevention strategies - Propose mechanisms of response and prevention against insecurity
- Proposing a strategy for building the capacity of the actors in terms of management and planning

Component n ° 2: establishment of a body of federation forces

- Organise large meetings with stakeholders
- Identify roles and individual of each actor

Component n ° 3: capacity

AXIS I: Take stock of existing resources - Classify or downgrade the instruments out of date
- Identify training needed for the proper functioning of the
structure - Training of the direct and indirect personnel to
security management AXIS II: Support for the ridge structure - Develop and make available to the upper hierarchy of the applicant structure communication media and tools in the place of the actors and users
- Set up and training focal points to facilitate the implementation of mechanisms

- A diagnostic study of the security services is carried out by the eye of external expertise - A safe stock performance indicators follow-up repository is available
- The resilience with respect to unlawful acts is process
- Development sectors are reactivated and revitalized
- A strategic communications plan is available
- Security actors are trained and accept pool their efforts